Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week Two

Yep, you guessed it, still pregnant. In fact, your going to be pregnant for the next 38 weeks so if you've come to find this out in the last week, get used to it. That magical egg in your uterus has plans, and already it's busy doing all sorts of magical stuff, like attaching itself to your uterus. You might feel like your not pregnant, and thats probably because it would be pretty magical in of itself to know this, this early.

Week One

Congratulations! Your pregnant!!! That sperm just ate a hole in your egg and a bunch of magical chromosomal stuff happened, and life has begun. You probably don't even know your pregnant in fact, which means, you might feel like going shopping for a new pair of jeans that won't fit you in a few weeks, or, you might feel like having an extra glass of wine this evening when your out with your friends that you'll feel guilty about as soon as you find out you were growing a human when you intoxicated yourself, or, you might feel like In n' Out, and if you do, carry on because hamburgers are delicious and are scientifically proven to grow cuter babies than those who don't them while pregnant.

Introduction, quasi explanation.

There are a million books out there for 'mommies to be' about what you can expect when your expecting. However, to my knowledge, there isn't a single one that expounds on how you might feel about all this along the way. Since knowledge is power, and despite that ignorance is bliss, here for your enlightenment and enjoyment, this blog.